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Super 6 Mesh

QuickDefence™ Super 6 Mesh Panel is manufactured to the same specification as our standard 358 Mesh Panel but with the improvement of 6mm nominal vertical wires.


This offers additional strength and impact resistance by substantially increasing the rigidity of the panel, thus offering more protection at an economical price.




Mesh Pattern

Standard mesh panels are manufactured from 4mm + 6mm diameter nominal wire with a mesh pattern of 76.2mm between 6mm vertical wire centres x 12.7mm between 4mm horizontal wire centres.


Welding Specification

Resistance welded at each intersection with a 550 N/mm² minimum and weld shear resistance is 75% of the tensile strength


Panel Height

Variable up to 12m (40 feet) as one single panel


Panel Width

Variable up to 3.66m (12 feet)
Standard panel widths are 2518.6mm and 3000mm


Panel Coating Finish

Galvanized, Galfan, Polyester Powder Coated, Self-Colour, Stainless Steel


Panel Weight

Approximately 9 kgs / m²


Panel Tolerances:

Flatness : +/- 50mm clear of surface laid flat
Squareness: +/- 0.2% of nominal panel size
Dimension: +/- 10mm